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According to the latest U.N. estimates, there are about 650 million people with disabilities around the world: people who, it seems strange to have to recall, enjoy the same rights and duties as everone else.

Fausta Accessible Transportation has been working for years to offer handicapped and disabled persons at various levels all the support necessary for organising travel and tours in Italy, enabling comfortable and preferential access to all the most interesting and valuable tourist destinations.

For years, Fausta Accessible Transportation has partnered with leading global agencies dedicated to accessible tourism: every year, as a result of these fruitful relationships, disabled Italians, but also handicapped persons from all over the world, who are eager to participate in guided tours and visits in Italy turn to the travel agency.

Accessible transport throughout Italy

Accessible transport allows anyone to move freely across any architectural barrier and any constraint determined by a disability or infirmity. Fausta Accessible Transportation operates a fleet equipped to ensure the movement of groups all over Italy.

Holidays for the disabled

Guided tours and visits are operated by highly skilled staff who have been following the accessible tourism sector for years with passion and professionalism: our network of contacts and our years of experience in the tourism sector in Italy allow us to offer high quality tours and holidays for the disabled, with new offers in line with customer demands..


Our carers accompany the disabled in every moment of the trip: accessible tourism also means full support for the person and this will be provided during all the day's activities, from meals times to overnight stays, from any treatment required to visit to cities or places of interest.

We work with major hotels properly equipped and fully accessible for the disabled: if you wish to receive more information on all activities and on accessible tourism, please contact the office in Rome.

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