trasporto disabili

Accessible transport services allow persons who are disabled or in a state of momentary weakness to move from home to reach treatment and care facilities, or places for leisure.


Transport for people with reduced mobility

For years, Fausta Transport in Rome has operated services of transfer and transport for the disabled, disabled persons in wheelchairs, the elderly and people in hospital or not self-sufficient.
An updated vehicle fleet, with vans equipped and adapted to transport the disabled, is available to our clients to give the best service that is always tailored to real client needs.
Transport also includes the presence of carers for the disabled up to a maximum of seven persons for each vehicle: in this way, we ensure full support to the person during all transportation activities.

Movements organised for the disabled

Transport services for the disabled are also provided on holidays and during the night, also with the possibility of transfers and excursions abroad.
Our service aims to relieve clients of all difficulties and make mobility for the disabled easy and safe in any area of ​​the city, and even beyond the city walls, for each destination to be reached.
The transport company is open all day, even August and on Saturdays.


Transport for persons in wheelchairs

The specialised operators of the Rome-based company are qualified to provide services of transport for people in wheelchairs: our vehicles are equipped with platforms and aids capable of ensuring the lifting and the transport of wheelchairs and all the medical equipment required by a person.

Transfer of handicapped persons

The company operates transfers for the disabled throughout all cities and provinces: for this service to be rapid, safe and meet all the regulations in force, the means of transport provided include a number of devices and equipment in accordance with regulations, thus facilitating vehicle access and stop-overs as well as city and out of town transfers.

In addition to a fleet of equipped vehicles able to transport small groups of people with sensory or mental disabilities, we also provide a range of accessories and equipment for the vehicles that must ensure accessibility of transportation for the elderly, the disabled and persons with reduced mobility.

To find out about the cost of the service and receive a rapid cutomised quote, please contact the head office: we are available to set up fully customised transport.

Please contact us for further information:

ITALY +39 06 5036040 / +39 06 5403362

ENGLAND +44 07 494766380

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